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“All equally crazy of gardens as Kristof, who prefers, even in his scarce free time, to work in his garden.”

Already for years, we are crazy about gardens at Vitalis. How it al started, you can read here.

In full bloom. That is how we feel while working on your dream garden. At the beginning of 2020, we also started our very own academy combining our own creativity, experience and knowledge. Using those skills, we will create the perfect version of your outdoor landscaping project. Every day growth is high on our priority list in order to establish your dream garden.

Your garden trusts us...

The design

Our garden architects will transform your dreams of a prairie garden, city oasis, roof- or castlegarden into a personalized design. We will achieve your perfect garden by listening to you very carefully, asking the right questions and map out your expectations. That way, we will create a design reflecting your wishes and take the first steps towards the endresult.

We design a customized studycase with an overview of plants, materials, furniture and budget.


We will carry out all landscaping according the rules of art. Nothing else we would rather do, setting the bar high to eliminate all your cares and profide you with a waterproof guarantee for preparations, calculations, plantantions, lighting and surface hardening.


Your garden is unique so a customized maintenance contract is called for. A perfectly maintained garden, any moment of year, will be the result. It will be lovely to enjoy your garden without any extra effort or worries from your side.

In your garden we will execute following jobs:

  • Spring cleaning! We deal with all leftover or dead plants and handle damage from winterfrost. After wintertime, we will fertilize and aerate your lawn.
  • Mid-term maintenance. This is the moment you decide how many times we need to come by and how much gardenwork you will do yourself. We mow the lawn, pull weeds and prevent plagues and diseases.
  • Clipping and shaving small and big hedges and topiary shapes? Your garden is in the good hands of our professional trimming team. They will use their own material on batteries to prevent or limit any noise pollution and disturbance for nature.
  • Pruning trees. Why? To stimulate the growth of your fruit trees or to get rid of any dead branches in big trees.
  • Disease control. Your garden can count on our professional team. They dispose of an extensive knowledge of products, safety and prevention measures. Our fytolicense is a direct proof of that.
  • Winterproof maintenance. Make your garden winter ready with the right protection. We will cover frost sensitive plants and potplants and treat your garden with agricultural lime. Next to that, we will clip certain plants and trees needing it. Ready to muffle up your garden in its wintercoat.

Decorate with garden furniture

Proudly looking at your garden, it is now time to finish the design with the right garden furniture. Enjoy your quality furniture during dinner with friends or family, joined together around the campfire or cool down using your very own outdoor garden shower. We just want you to be able to enjoy your garden to the fullest!

Specially for you, we selected a range of outdoor furniture brands, breathing quality and transforming your garden into a little paradise:

How Vitalis evolved and keeps on evolving

Kristof van den Bouwhuysen grew up in a garden suburb. To some frustration of his mother- who saw her food getting cold before she got him inside- he then already stayed far more time outside than inside.

Thanks to the gardens with low hedges, he was able to go from one garden into another and saw a pleasant mix of young and older families enjoying what their gardens had to offer them. In this playground in the green setting, the first seed of his future was planted.

Kristof established his first company before he had a diploma.

As a working student at garden centre Van Uytsel in Aartselaar he got the opportunity to install a small stand where he could reach his first customers. Thus, his business got rapidly a boost, and after a merger with Vitalis Kristof developed his business into a company employing around 25 people.

Each one of them experts in their field.

All equally crazy of gardens as Kristof, who prefers, even in his scarce free time, to work in his garden.

That says enough.

Gardens in perspective

Vitalis designs and realizes high-end private and public garden projects for more than 35 years, using different styles. It does not matter if you are looking for a prairie garden, city oasis, roof- or castlegarden with or without customized maintenance, we will always provide you with the right design!

25 enthousiast Vitalis employees, using their expertise and right contacts, push themselves every day to execute the most amazing garden projects. We provide our services in Belgium as abroad.