“All equally crazy of gardens as Kristof, who prefers, even in his scarce free time, to work in his garden.”

Kristof van den Bouwhuysen grew up in a garden suburb. To some frustration of his mother- who saw her food getting cold before she got him inside- he then already stayed far more time outside than inside.

Thanks to the gardens with low hedges, he was able to go from one garden into another and saw a pleasant mix of young and older families enjoying what their gardens had to offer them. In this playground in the green setting, the first seed of his future was planted.

Kristof established his first company before he had a diploma.

As a working student at garden centre Van Uytsel in Aartselaar he got the opportunity to install a small stand where he could reach his first customers. Thus, his business got rapidly a boost, and after a merger with Vitalis Kristof developed his business into a company employing 25 people.

Each one of them experts in their field.

All equally crazy of gardens as Kristof, who prefers, even in his scarce free time, to work in his garden.

That says enough.

Our services

The design

Whether you dream of a prairie garden, city oasis, roof or castle garden, with or without swimming pool,
we at Vitalis mould your dreams in a design.

We do this by listening carefully,
asking questions and mapping your expectations.

With the design we take the first step towards the final result.
We also draw up a budget, as well as a construction dossier.

The layout

Vitalis employs experts who lay out your garden according to the rules of the art.

We set the bar high, to be able to offer you an absolute warranty on our plantations, lighting, pavements and so on.

From the preparatory work to the pavement, planting and calculation,
we relieve you from any worries.

The maintenance

Because each garden is unique, we provide customized maintenance contracts. This way you have a garden which is perfectly in order, without extra efforts our worries.

We take care of the following tasks:

The interim maintenance, where you determine the frequency and, if you wish so, can help. We mow the lawn, weed and combat diseases and parasite infections.

The spring maintenance, where we deal with all the plant remains and damage due to frost. After the winter we fertilize the garden and scarify the lawn.

The winter maintenance is the moment to prepare the garden for and protect against the winter. We cover frost sensitive plants, protect the pot plants, and lime the garden to avoid acidification.
Certain plants and trees are pruned.

Cutting and trimming of hedges, beddings and topiary shapes. Our professional trimming teams use their own equipment, generally battery operated, so that the noise nuisance and the nuisance for the nature are limited to a minimum.

The pruning of trees. In the case of fruit trees to stimulate the growth and of large trees to remove dead wood.

Disease control. Vitalis holds a phytolicence, so that we can work with in-depth knowledge of products and safety and prevention.

Garden furniture

Your garden dream has become a reality, and now it is getting even nicer: thanks to our selection of attractive outdoor quality furniture, fireplaces, garden showers and other accessories, your Vitalis garden becomes a dream to live in.

You can find the following brands in our range of products:

Interested to go through the possibilities for your garden? Don't hesitate to contact us. Call us! +32 (0)3 653 00 20