Welcome to our experience garden!

For you we are creating something special. Not a classic garden furniture store, but a real Vitalis garden where you can experience our knowhow in the environment where it all happens: the garden.

Walking into a real Vitalis garden...

You will soon be able to enjoy our new experience garden in Wuustwezel. You will walk into a real Vitalis garden and get to know us, our way of working and a selection of our garden furniture. What exactly will our experience garden look like? You will discover that step by step. We can tell you that we will stimulate all your senses. As it should be in a dream garden. In your dream garden…

Sale %

Since we are currently expanding and redesigning our experience garden, we sell a selection of garden furniture at a good price. More information can be found here.

Count down with us...


Designing our new experience garden was a real pleasure. With our creativity, experience and thorough knowledge we are expanding the garden at our design studio into a real Vitalis garden. You will soon be walking through a garden where you can discover our beloved plants, trees, materials, lighting, constructions and much more. And would you like to leave little to the imagination? Then we show your dream garden in 3D designs, just like we did for our experience garden. Enjoy this first virtual impression, and we will soon invite you for a walk through our newest pride.


We've started the construction of our experience garden!
Follow our progress closely here.