Contemporary garden full of activities


Play and experience are central to this garden for a young family with active children:

  • Sufficient play elements in the garden
  • The swimming pool that is naturally filtered
  • A cozy fire pit
  • An outdoor kitchen
  • A ceramic oven
  • Sitting walls
  • ...

This garden is really alive. This is also reflected in the playful and dynamic design of the paths and terraces. In the evening you can enjoy this garden further thanks to the cozy garden lighting.

Our challenge during this project?
Merging the two plots with different plot depths. To make this fusion possible and above all not noticeable, we took into account the placement of the pool and structures.

This garden was designed by Berdea (from August 1, 2023: Vitalis Gent).
Vitalis welcomes Laurent Debaere (Berdea) as co-director and opens a new office in Ghent.