Nice villa garden with endless swimming pool.


"We like to swim but in a sports way"

The garden has a limited surface. Certainly, in comparison with that of the house. Still the assignment was very clear from the beginning: "Give us a swimming pool where we can swim lengths". Design-based it was for us a phased plan: taking into account the orientation, we first placed the swimming pool. Length 20m, width 4m. It would be an overflow swimming pool, that blends nicely and creates a feeling of space. Further, no fuss of materials: we opt for Padouk, in various widths. Thus, we avoid that it becomes a patchwork and we choose a pure 'no nonsense' design. A shallow garden? We solve it by planning hedges of various heights enlarging the space optically.The flower borders bring colour and a certain playfulness that softens the sleekness of the hedges and plantings. What else is special? We should not forget the superb sail sculpture that is technically so perfect that the maintenance, the fire safety and the light transparency is not compromised.